Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Meeting Minutes: November 29, 2011

BYSCMeeting Minutes 11/29/2011 @ LCA
in attendence: Sayre, LCA, Lafayette, Henry Clay, Dunbar, Bryan Station

Committee groups: EVERYBODY SIGN UP FOR ONE ON FACEBOOK!- I know we raised hands but I couldn’t get them all, so FACEBOOK
Each group needs to pick dates to meet independently- up to people in group to organize this
1) Volunteer groups
  1. a. service groups- arboretum or others- more organization and outreach
Bluegrass Green Works good source for this
Find projects to do over the winter
  1. educational outreach
i. Bluegrass Pride could aid with this
  1. Media/ Communication
i. Pictures
ii. Blog- Sarah Catonà for outside communication with people that do not have Facebook access
Post website on almost everything we have i.e. flyers and posters
iii. Flyers, posters, banners
iv. Twitter for service projects and announcements

Bluegrass Local Food Summit
March 22-24, 2012
Locals talk about gardening, recycling, etc
Could show case how our local schools are invested in the environment
Possible tour of Locust Trace
Planning Task Force- at Good Foods Co-op Thursdays 10 am and 6 pm
At 5 PM after BGYSC meetingsà plan Food Summit with Jim Embry

Earth Day Event:
Displays for schools to show what we are doing
Local green groups (Bluegrass Pride) have booth

Logo: finalized! tshirts and banners in process

GET THE WORD OUT! Talk to newspapers and radio shows to get publicity
Jeremy talk to Herald Leader Education editor
Reach out to every principal- post something on school websites about council or in newsletter

NEXT MEETING: Locust Trace- January 10th at 4 PM

Stay Green!

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